Sarana Jaya Nusasentosa was established in 1982. We specialize in geotechnical instruments, earthquake instruments, laboratory equipment for civil engineering, and drilling machine. We also have expanded our business line product for geoscience instruments and geophysical instruments.

Geotechnical Instruments
We supply the geotechnical instruments for the civil works and mining industries. The wide varieties of instruments have been designed for a wide range applications such as testing, monitoring, measuring, data collections, and many more.

Earthquake Instruments
The instrument has been used intensively to monitor earthquake, volcanoes, tsunamis, and nuclear proliferation while helping society to understand these events on a global, regional and local scale. In addition, this instrumentation is also applicable to monitor civil structures, bridges, dams, and nuclear power plants as this provides important information about the structures’ response to natural and man-induced seismicity.

Geoscience Instruments
The instruments enable engineers to collect, analyze and transform vast amount of complex ground penetrating radar data into visual representations of the subsurface. Therefore allowing a fast and accurate decisions, which results in improved public safety, increased earning, and reduce time and cost.

Geophysical Instruments
It uses primarily to address the requirements of the civil engineering industry for assessment of foundation depth, structural pavement, geophysical system and platform.

Laboratory Equipments
This includes material testing equipment for the use in asphalt, concrete and soil testing applications, that is suitable for various civil and environmental engineering uses.

Drilling Machines
Wide varieties of drilling machines are available from large diameter and deep well to super-light weight types. We have a high performance machines with a wide range of applications that have been designed based on a great wealth of experience and new technologies for grouting, soil investigations, rock coring, geological survey and water wells.

Environmental Instruments
Agrisearch equipment offering solutions geared to customers requiring soil and water research.

Sarana Jaya Nusasentosa are committed to the provision of quality, value for money product, that not only satifsy, but exceed our clients’ requirements. We provide our clients with credible specialist and professional staffs, in conjunction to proven outstanding services.

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